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ProMAC2017 in Munich 11th International Conference on Project Management in Munich, Germany Hosted by The Society of Project Management (SPM, Japan) Deutsche Gesellschaft für Projektmanagement (GPM, Germany) International Project Management Association (IPMA) Date: 29 November – 1 December, 2017 Venue: H4 Hotel München Messe
Important Deadlines Abstract Submission: 16 October, 2017 (Extended) Abstract Acceptance Notification: Within 2 weeks after receipt of abstract Full Paper Submission: 1 November, 2017 (Extended) Acceptance Notification: Within 2 weeks after receipt of full paper
ProMAC has been organized since 2002 by SPM, the Society of Project Management in Japan. This conference will follow its rich history of bringing together thought leaders from academia and industry to discuss the theory and practice of project, program, portfolio, organization and systems management, including the latest global trends and developments. Besides a selection of eminent speakers, we have an impressive array of speakers to talk about a range of hot issues. Add to that the excellent social/networking program that has traditionally been part of ProMAC conferences. We are sure you would gain fresh insights from participating in this event and take away warm memories with you.
ProMAC 2017 is the 11th International Conference on Project Management. It´s the first conference held outside of Asia-Pacific region. It aims at bringing together practitioners, leaders and researchers from Japan and Europe to discuss on project related topics as well
Final Call for Conference Papers
as management philosophies. The conference will be hosted in cooperation of SPM Society
of Project Management (Japan), GPM German Project Management Association and IPMA
International Project Management Association.
Conference Theme and Topics
This year´s theme is “Projects and Management Philosophy – Japan meets Europe”. It
focuses on the way projects are performed in various sectors in Japan and Europe. Obviously,
the management philosophies are different. Through the conference main differences
between Japan and Europe will be made transparent in order to advance the profession and
overcome nowadays challenges. Topics of interests include, but are not limited to:
• New challenges for projects and organizations in Japan and Europe
• Envisioning the future – trends, developments and strategies
• Governmental, economical and societal transformation
• Accentuated contrast of projects, project management and philosophies
• Research, education, training and certification in the area of projects
• Project excellence – high-lighted case studies from various industries
• Industry 4.0, or how digitalization drives the transformation of industries
• Leadership, team collaboration and project networks
• Sustainability in projects and project management
• Regional/International Collaborations in PM
• PM Knowledge Fundamentals
Integration, Scope, Time, Cost, Quality, Communications, Resource, Risk, Procurement, Stakeholders
ProMAC 2017 welcomes original manuscripts that are not under consideration by another journal.
The article subjects must be pertinent to the project management. Manuscripts published in the
proceedings of the ProMAC 2017 become the sole property of the Society of the Project
Paper Submission
The manuscript for the ProMAC 2017 must be an author's original work. It is the author(s)’s
responsibility for not infringing copyrights (e.g. pictures, citations, self-citations). Contributions
having any commercial interest will not be published in ProMAC2017 proceedings.
Submission and Review Process (https://www.spm-hq.jp/paper/en/)
• Abstract Submission
Upload an abstract through SPM Online Paper Submission and Peer Review System
• Result of Abstract Review
Confirm results after receiving e-mail from the system
• Full Paper Submission
Upload a full paper through SPM Online Paper Submission and Peer Review System
• Result of Full Paper Review
Confirm results after receiving e-mail from the system
Abstract Submission and Review
All submitted abstracts will be subject to a peer review through SPM Online Paper Submission
Final Call for Conference Papers
and Peer Review System. It is necessary to write the abstract in English of about 200 words.
Full Paper Submission and Review
ProMAC2017 employs the peer review system for all full papers by the double-blinded reviewers.
Full paper should be 6-10 pages including paper title, authors' name(s), affiliation(s), abstract,
keywords, figures, tables, references and appendices. Full paper, prepared according to the
Manual for Manuscript Preparation and paper template about format, should be submitted to SPM
Online Paper Submission and Peer Review System.
Important Precautions
SPM, which is R.E.P. of PMI, forbid to quote charts and texts from PMI's copyrighted work such
as PMBOK Guide on the papers which is published by SPM. This is different from normal
copyright thought and constraint only for PMI's copyrighted work. SPM is screening each article
to keep the instruction of PMI but it has limitations. Please note that author is required to pay
money if copyright fee is charged by PMI. You can quote ISO21500:2012 and other international
standards in the range of general copyright thought by stipulating the reference.

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