«Стратегия и лидерство» в рамках программы Management Development Program

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«Стратегия и лидерство» в рамках программы Management Development Program

Dear Sir/Madam,
Following the great success and positive reactions about the last year’s program, we are proud to present you with “Strategy and Leadership” module, which will be delivered by some of our most respected and best evaluated lecturers. Book your place on time and use this unique opportunity to experience “High Impact Learning”.

Please note that “Strategy & Leadership” module is a part of the Management Development Program (MDP), which consists of 4 modules all together. For more information on the MDP program and all the benefits it offers please
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Course outline

Today business and organizations need leadership as basics for its success. Leadership as a topic for debate attracted the attention of notable thinkers, like Socrates, several thousands of year ago. The course is created to explore importance and its role in today business, particularly in context of successful management. It is designed to help managers to understand main concepts and importance of leadership, understand their own leadership style, the way they can influence others, develop their people and make them more empowered. The course is aimed to make connections between business results and leadership styles.


Course content

http://www.cba.com.hr/images2/k.gif Leadership content and definition
http://www.cba.com.hr/images2/k.gif Leadership and management
http://www.cba.com.hr/images2/k.gif History of management
http://www.cba.com.hr/images2/k.gif 7 core competencies of management
http://www.cba.com.hr/images2/k.gif Leadership theories (situational leadership)
http://www.cba.com.hr/images2/k.gif Leadership process hierarchy


2. Elements of Organization Design (April 22)

Course content

http://www.cba.com.hr/images2/k.gif Understanding your strengths and weaknesses
http://www.cba.com.hr/images2/k.gif Decision making under pressure
http://www.cba.com.hr/images2/k.gif Building trust
http://www.cba.com.hr/images2/k.gif Creating own strategic map
http://www.cba.com.hr/images2/k.gif Emotional capital
http://www.cba.com.hr/images2/k.gif Happiness and balance



Course content

http://www.cba.com.hr/images2/k.gif Situational leadership
http://www.cba.com.hr/images2/k.gif Team, dynamics and leadership
http://www.cba.com.hr/images2/k.gif Leading team
http://www.cba.com.hr/images2/k.gif Enabling and empowering others
http://www.cba.com.hr/images2/k.gif Leader as coach
http://www.cba.com.hr/images2/k.gif Coaching
http://www.cba.com.hr/images2/k.gif Case study




Course outline

The purpose of this seminar is to understand and learn how to apply the key tools of strategic analysis. Foremost among these tools is “five forces” model, popularized by Professor Michael E. Porter of Harvard University, that is used to evaluate the attractiveness of industry sectors, including service industries. A second, equally important tool is the “generic strategy matrix” by which business strategies may be evaluated according to perceived value and delivered cost. The use of this tool enables a company to position itself favorably within its industry.Finally, we shall examine the value chain by which a company can diagnose the elements of its strategy as they are (or are not) reflected in the various activities carried out within the business. Participants will have the opportunity to apply these tools in the analysis and discussion of business cases,both in small work groups and plenary sessions. Participants are also encouraged to apply them within their own firms.


Course content

http://www.cba.com.hr/images2/k.gif The “five forces” model for evaluating the attractiveness of industry sectors
http://www.cba.com.hr/images2/k.gif The determinants of rivalry in an industry
http://www.cba.com.hr/images2/k.gif Assessment of barriers to entry and exit
http://www.cba.com.hr/images2/k.gif Negotiating power with buyers and suppliers
http://www.cba.com.hr/images2/k.gif Generic strategies and their characteristics
http://www.cba.com.hr/images2/k.gif The value chain for discovering competitive advantage
http://www.cba.com.hr/images2/k.gif Case analysis



Course outline

The purpose of this seminar is to understand how a company creates sustainable competitive advantage in its industrial sector, including service industries. The first part of the course focuses on the sources of competitive advantage, which are more or less sustainable, and why. To what extent, for example, does geographic location give a company an advantage over its rivals? Once understanding the sources of competitive advantage, we concentrate on one of these, which consists of the core competences within the firm and how they are acquired. The examination of core competences will be conducted through the discussion of a business case developed in Croatia. Finally, we shall turn to the subject of how a firm acquires and maintains sustainable competitive advantage over its rivals.


Course content

http://www.cba.com.hr/images2/k.gif Sources of competitive advantage
http://www.cba.com.hr/images2/k.gif Activity networks
http://www.cba.com.hr/images2/k.gif Core competencies
http://www.cba.com.hr/images2/k.gif Operational efficiency (OE) versus competitive strategy
http://www.cba.com.hr/images2/k.gif Acquisition and maintenance of sustainable competitive advantage
http://www.cba.com.hr/images2/k.gif Case analysis






He has more than fifteen years of experience in Human Resources and Management Development working as the most responsible person for the function within different companies and as outside adviser and consultant. He has spent five years in Coca-Cola Beverages Croatia, and left the company from the position of Human Resources Manager. Beside it, he was working as Training and Development Manager, and as internal trainer worked with managers and management teams within Coca-Cola system in several European countries. Before Coca-Cola Ivica Vrancic worked in British American Tobacco and DHL, in both companies as Human Resources Manager, and as Recruitment and Development Specialist in Zagrebacka banka.



John Ickis is Professor of Strategy, D.B.A., Harvard University, M.B.A., Harvard University, ex president of consulting company J.E. Austin Associates, Inc. in Costa Rica, CEO of J.E. Austin d.o.o. in Croatia and Chief-of-Party for USAID program Competitiveness Council in Croatia. He was a lecturer at Harvard Business School in course Managing in Developing Countries. Currently John is Regular Professor of organization and strategy in INCAE, Alajuela, Costa Rica. He has directed programs of managerial education and competitiveness in Latin America, Asia, Africa and Central Europe. It is an expert in the method of cases, he was selected as the instructor in the First Program of Participant-Centered Learning in Harvard Business School and carried out workshops on the theme for institutions and universities in twelve countries.


               In case you are interested in attending the “Leadership & Strategy” module, the possibilities are:

               1. to attend the entire module
               2. to attend a part of the module (only Leadership, or only Strategy)


          "LEADERSHIP & STRATEGY" - price list





3 or more persons (10% discount)

         ENTIRE MODULE (5 days)

9 500 kn


8 550 kn

         LEADERSHIP (3 days)

5 800 kn


5 220 kn

         STRATEGY (2 days)

4 200 kn


3 780 kn

*Croatian participants should add VAT (22 %) to the listed prices
*Price does not include transport and accommodation costs for the participants.


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