В Тегеране пройдет 2-ая международная конференция

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В Тегеране пройдет 2-ая международная конференция


No.: 109A84
Date: 09/17/05
Attachment: Brochure


Dear Manager,
The Second International Project Management will be held in Tehran on February 28 and March 1 st , 2006. The conference is sponsored by Aryana Industrial & Research Group and Isfahan University of Technology.
Last year, the First International Project Management Conference had over 1500 participants and it is estimated that the Second Conference will enjoy a turn-over of 1800 participants with 300 papers to be presented.
It will be our honor to have a member of your society as one of the jurors in the conference's selection committee.
We will also be much obliged if you kindly include this notice in your journal and on your web site for the notification of all who might be interested.
The Secretariat of the conference will do its utmost for the betterment of the conference and ease of the participants.

Best regards,
Mojtaba Asadi Conference

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